Why Technical Debt is like an Onion

One of the greatest challenges facing any technology business is ‘technical debt’, technical debt is a metaphor that equates legacy or outdated technology to financial debt.

When businesses start, they invest in core infrastructure which is easy to implement in the short run instead of applying the best overall solution. As the business grows and revenues increase, layers are added to this core infrastructure much like an onion!

How a business manages their technical debt can make it a good or bad thing. For a growing business, well thought out short cuts can be an enabler for growth and quick solutions can mean a faster time to market for a product or service. However, when too many short cuts are taken and older technology is ignored or simply ‘worked around’ this can result in bad decisions. In the long run, this introduces inefficiencies, reduces flexibility and increases cost.


Legacy Systems

Over time businesses generally end up with new and legacy systems that do similar if not identical functions across the business.  Whilst the business is growing and there is an appetite for further investment, this inefficient ‘parallel’ technology is often overlooked and not touched because it ‘just works’ and cash is not a critical factor.

When competition becomes more prevalent, and margins get squeezed, this becomes a big problem; resources to make the necessary changes are harder to come by and this can result in losing compatibility within the industry.

BCi Digital are experts in achieving synchronisation between new and legacy technologies, having delivered innovative technological solutions to solve some of the most complex technical challenges faced by the rapidly changing communications landscape.


Technology Refactoring

Technology refactoring, or re-engineering, is altering a system architecture without changing its external behaviour. Having an evolving understanding of a problem and the best way to solve it can help with restructuring/refactoring of solutions and can extend the life of key technology and prevent it from becoming a liability.

Companies are reluctant to take on refactoring because of the additional resources required; however, refactoring can be a cost-effective alternative to replacing an entire outdated system.

BCi Digital are innovators in architecture and design; delivering high value solutions, from strategy to execution to solve clients’ business problems.


Managing Risk

An understanding of operational processes can make or break a service or product and processes need to be developed that accurately reflect the delivery of the product or service and the way users interact with it.

BCi Digital understand that management of risk is key to successful delivery, having developed a comprehensive suite of processes and tools that minimise potential risk.


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