Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising has its roots in the web space. However the advantages are available in other mediums too. At BCi Digital we have been heavily involved in bringing this functionality to mainstream broadcasters.


Across all devices

                              Across all devices

This type of advertising makes a lot of sense and is far a more efficient way of operating for many. It can target  geographics as well as demographics. For example a local car dealership can bring their offerings to a local market, and specifically to people who have a much greater probability in wanting to buy a new vehicle. The broadcaster can get more clients, and the advertiser can get a price that matches their business needs. The potential end customers also benefits in seeing ads more suited to them and their needs.

A leading light in this field is Sky with their award winning Adsmart solution. BCi Digital were behind this success. We handled the system integration with architectural support, and our ODTS (On Demand Test Suite) also played a key role in final system testing.

BCi Digital provides consultancy services to enable customers implementation of business systems, processes and organisation required to support Targeted Advertising. This could be the repurposing of existing systems or green field start from scratch design.

Please contact us to arrange an informal meeting to discuss how we can help with your needs.