SI Management and Test

As part of our systems integration we use our in-house developed system test methodology. This involves the generation of what we like to call tube maps to ensure 100% test coverage of all aspects of the broadcast system.


Our tube maps are high level maps are made up of the various icons representing important aspects to the work flow


The flow incorporates both automated and manual steps (the little man indicating a manual step). Flows are numbered in the round boxes with the solid box indicating the start and the dashed one representing the end. The dotted grey lines show dependencies between flows. In addition, causal links can be shown as solid grey lines (both styles available in the template). A causal link is defined as a link whereby the completion of one flow directly invokes the next. The name tube maps has stuck simply due to the fact that they end up looking very much like underground tube stations.

Through many successful OTT and On Demand platform deployments we have built a considerable understanding of the test cycles associated with the successful integration of large complex big data platforms. An extensive library of test cases built over many years in the industry has enabled us to develop a robust testing methodology that captures and assigns responsibility for all test events at an early stage in the integration programme. Our highly scalable service ranges from single unit testing through to comprehensive large-scale platform tests. Our end-to-end testing service includes:

  • Strategy
  • Test management
  • Creating test scripts
  • Test execution
  • Test results tracking

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