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How to Protect & Distribute High Value Media: White Paper

A cloud based accelerated approach to Digital Cinema Packaging and Screening Distribution                 Despite movies such as Christopher Nolan’s 2014 blockbuster Interstellar being available on 35mm film, over the last couple of years cinemas have transitioned almost completely to digital projection. Digital cinema offers content encryption protection, allowing

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EU Rules on Portable Content

I note with interest that EU negotiators have agreed new rules to allow European viewers to use online subscriptions to movies, sports and music when travelling around the European Union.  Is this the first step on the road to fully mandated portability of purchased rights? The concept of “buy to keep” is increasing in popularity.

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BCi Digital: Portable Content Rights

More and more providers are offering ‘Buy and Keep’ services on their platforms from traditional on-demand providers such as Amazon and Netflix to more conventional broadcasters such as Sky. At present, with the exception of Sky, a purchase on these platforms is ‘yours forever’ with the proviso that you remain a subscriber of that provider

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